Friday, March 10, 2017

Flashback Friday

Hi stampers!  Ok, so I totally dropped the ball on sharing Ian's little Valentine treats for school.  Probably because I was making them up to the last minute lol!  Then I was going to shoot a video for them but I messed it up of course.  So, no video but I took a few more photos so hopefully they will suffice.

I am pretty proud of actually coming up with my own little idea for guys know I don't do many 3D items and that I'm usually too lazy to come up with templates on my own, lol! ;-)  Ian loves these Annie's fruit snacks and I love the little bunny from the basket bunch set, so that's how I came up with my idea.  If he'd needed more than 10 of these I would have lost my mind though, lol!

My bunny is embossed and then colored in on watercolor paper.  I used a little bit of blushing bride on his cheeks too, to make them rosy.  And you may notice that some of my sentiments in the first photo aren't as crisp...that's because I totally cheated and photocopied them on our cardstock.  I mean, did 10 two year olds care?  No, they probably just ripped them open immediately lol!  And while I love that labeler set, stamping all of them just wasn't happening!  So that's a little hack if you don't really care if they are "perfect".  Your copier/printer is your friend!

They are basically a matchbook and I just measured one of the packages to get my dimensions.  If you use a different type of fruit snacks, you'll have to measure to adjust.  And I feel I should mention that somehow, after I made my prototype, I cut and scored ALL TEN WRONG and had to start over.  UGH!   I used our mini stapler because I have it (and I'm super sad it's gone) but you could easily use any desk stapler.

I used some WW here so you can see my measurements.  

To make my closure flap, I used one of the smaller circles in the layering framelits.  You want to place it about 2/3 of the way above the score line and then only partially run it through the big shot.  You'll probably have to play around with it to get it right.  I found that once mine just disappeared, I was good and I could back it out.

You don't want to cut to or past that score line, but just above it (you can however make it work if you mess it up...just staple it like normal and it will work but just not look as know I did this at least once).  It should end up looking like this.  And if you didn't cut as much as you need to, you can line it back up and try again, the die should stick down into the groove that you cut if you just gently run it over the area.

I hope that all made sense!  And sorry it's taken me so long to share these!  They would also make really cute Easter treats though!

Happy stamping!

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  1. Thanks for the measurements! I use Annie's for treat giving all the time. Very cute!

  2. This is sooo cute! I'm completely in love!

  3. CUTE! Thanks for the idea with the copier. That really would save a lot of time!


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