Saturday, July 16, 2011

Convention fail

Ok, first off my apologies for not blogging last night. I fail:-)  I was SO exhausted and I didn't sleep much on Wed night so I passed out after awards last night.  And you know me...I'm always up for a par-tay but I did one walk around the awards night party and was dead on my feet.  I wanted to blog, I really did but the bed was calling to me:-)  BUT tonight I'm all hopped up again so here we are (although I DO hope I can fall asleep tonight as the wonderful Wendy Wixler is picking me up bright and early at 6:30 to go running...have you seen her blog Wickely Wonderful Creations?  It's pretty much the bomb dot com and so is she!).  I just hope she doesn't kill me...the oxygen is thin up here you know, lol!

Anyway, convention is amazing and although I KNEW it would be totally radical it has blown my mind.  I'm usually pretty good at multi tasking and blogging and checking emails and stuff but I've failed again.  I have 200 some emails sitting there because I've just been so busy.  I haven't even had time to talk on the phone to my poor hubby!  Awwwwe!  Anyway, not complaining, just amazed!  I'm also amazed at some of the friends I've met or finally got to meet in real life!  They are the best!!!!!  Ok, I know enough of the wanna know the dirt and see pretty pics...I have some tonight and I'll try really hard to post next week.  So here is a quick marathon of cool schtuff (no time to edit so excuse the cruddy photos mmmk?):

Opening session with song and dance!  The BEST part was upon entering the hall ALL of the SU employees (and I'm not kidding...they closed down the home office for the day) were there cheering and high fiving us as we walked in!  It made me cry!  They honestly looked so excited for us and like there was no where else they would rather be!  SU employees ROCK!  More to come on the song and dance...and maybe a video;-)

Shelli is as NICE (or nicer) than I thought she would be AND sassy and funny!!!!!  I heart her!  She's also as tall and well dressed as I thought she'd be too:-)

Some eye candy from the holiday mini...need I say more???

And for my Halloween peeps....

And that might do it for me for now.  I have SO much to share I'm a bit overwhelmed!!!!  Um and I also don't know how I'm going to get all the FREE stuff I got and the stuff I bought at memento mall home!  I'd rather not have to ship it but we'll see.  I should have some more ready tomorrow so check back tomorrow evening:-)  Thanks for stopping by and happy stamping!

Good night;-)

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  1. Yay! I can just feel the excitement and I'm soooo happy for you!


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