Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stamp Face

So I've gotten a lot of comments about my profile picture on SC, SCS, and my blog here at convention (not to mention a lot of comments about how short I really am....but that's another post, lol) so I thought I'd explain a little bit about that picture.  It was taken my my hubby a few years back right before we went on our first weekend getaway to St. Louis.  I had just gotten a box of new stuff (you can see the stamps I was mounting in the background) and was sad to leave it home all alone:-)  Anyway we were being silly and he said "show me your stamp face" and that's what he got.  Stamps make me happy...just look how happy free stamps make me and my convention roomie.....

See, stamps just MAKE you make that face!!!!!  So, now you know the story and I'm not just crazy...well I am but again...that's another post:-)

Anyway convention wrapped up today and I'm so sad!  It was so much fun.  I am looking forward to seeing my hubby and dog but I'm sad to leave this lovely city and all my wonderful "new" friends.  I am however, not sure if I'll have to pay a crazy overage on my suitcase with all the free stuff I got, eek!

I have LOTS of pictures and stuff to share but it will take some time to get organized, I feel so behind already!  AND I have to go to work on Monday, boo!!!!  Most of all I can't wait to STAMP because I actually didn't do much of it at all over the last week!  I'll show you a few other photos of some of my favorite things and maybe you can spot some sneak peeks from the holiday mini. 

 A raincoat of PAPER!  How cute?

 LOVE these frames and now I HAVE to order the pocket full of posies DSP!

 Just LOOK at all that yummy ribbon!


Christmas in July!

Ok, time to go study the holiday mini and total up the damage before I head to bed, I have to be up and at em early for my flight home!  Wishing all the demos who are traveling a safe trip and it's been a great week and I've honored to be one of you this year!

If YOU would like to join in the fun just ask me HOW you can do it.  Not only can you get a great deal right now with a starter kit at a reduced rate but you can get a free project that is so yummy with sneak peeks from the mini!!!!!  And then you can be my convention buddy next year!!!!  Happy stamping!

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  1. HA! I like your "I got new stamps" face! Too cute! Looks like you are having a blast too!!


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