Thursday, July 21, 2011

Product park tour

Hey stampers!  So one of my FAVORITE things about convention this year was the "product park" that SU had set up for us.  The theme of convention 2011 was GROW so they had set up a little park for us to look at lots of products, ideas, and inspiration.  These pictures do not begin to show how beautiful it was!  Basically, they had a little section set up for most of the product suites in the catalog.  And let me tell you, I WANT whoever's job it is at SU to come up with this stuff:-)  It would be sooo fun and my dream job;-)  So sit back and take a little tour with me (click on any of the pics to enlarge)......

This is an overview of the park.  Isn't it just so cute????  Each product suite had it's own little place of the park and it's own little theme. 

This was rather bare on the first day but it said "watch me grow".  I had NO idea they would put up all these FABULOUS things from the Holiday Mini once they had given them out!  There were so many awesome things on this display.  This side was Christmas and the other was.....Halloween

 Here was the Christmas suite.  So cute and had letters to Santa!

 Under the big top suite.  I wanted to ride the blue bike around:-)

 Flirtatious suite.  I love the towels and they had some baby clothes with the fabric sewn on.

Possibly one of my favorite displays.  I'll probably have close ups in another post about my favorites.  You all know I love Halloween and this display was CUTE!  I wonder how long it took to cut and crinkle ALL those leaves!!!

 The bella chateau suite.  This was also a fave because my mom loves chickens and this was too cute!  There was a paper rooster, hens and cute chicks as well as eggs.  I may have to try some of these things for my mom!  Details sometime soon!

 I can't remember what this one was for...oops:-)

 Domestic goddess.  There were some cute ideas here as well and it turned me into a fan!

 Just add cake

 Paisley petals.

 Pocketful of posies.  Also did not care for this suite until convention!  This set up was so cute and had so many projects I need to case!

 Paisley petals again.  I wanted to show the ribbon above the display.  HOW pretty is that and I wonder how much ribbon it took?

 The timeless suite.  Still not a fan but it had some pretty stuff/

Well worn.  Again, so cute and I love all the vintage stuff!

Ok, I think I got it all....I think:-)  I hope you enjoyed the virtual park.  I can't even begin to do it justice in pictures!!!! 

I'll also be posting some of my favorite details of convention some day soon too as well as display boards and pics from main stage also!  I have SO many pics it's going to take me a while to get organized, edit and post while still trying to get some STAMPING in:-)


  1. Great pictures! Some amazing stuff! So glad you had such a good time!

  2. Fun Pictures Mindy!!! I wish I was there with all of you....


  3. Minders your pictures ROCK! I've see so many from Convention, but yours really help with the overall theme! Thanks a ton for sharing! So glad you had such an awesome time at your first convention!


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