Monday, December 21, 2015

Peaceful Snowflake

Hi stampers!  I took Sunday off from blogging after a little road trip with the little man to my mom's house on Saturday.  And I'm not sorry about it, lol!  By the time I get us both packed up and drive 4+ hours alone with a toddler I'm pretty much done...with everything :-)

So, Sunday was a little less hectic even if we were on the go ALL day.  We ended our day by "going to town" to eat for Grandpa's birthday (it's TODAY) and taking Ian to see the drive through Christmas lights in the park.  You drive on the bike path and go about 2 miles an hour so I felt safe taking him out of his car seat so he could really see and he LOVED it.  He didn't even say anything...just looked back and forth, back and forth, ha!  I used to love a couple of displays like that growing up so I'm happy there are a few around here to take him to each year.  I hope he learns to love all the trappings of the holidays as much as we do!

Here's a simple card I made weeks ago using one of my favorite stamp sets!

Next on the Christmas agenda is cookie baking day (plenty of no bake goodies on the list too).  Ian may not be much help there....but I'm sure he'll enjoy my efforts this year ;-)

Happy stamping!

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