Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jury Duty Done

Hi stampers!  I'm happy to report I was released from jury duty yesterday afternoon!  I don't know who is happier, me or Ian, lol!  He really didn't like me leaving all day everyday!  It was an interesting experience but I'm happy I can get back to the gym and my normal routine and hopefully stamp!  I haven't even ordered from the new catalog yet with vacation and then knowing I would be busy!

There were over THREE HUNDRED people in the jury pool!  I was shocked at how many there were and they selected around 40 people for each jury and had at least 16 cases.  It was a lot more than I expected.  I actually got picked for a jury on Monday but we waited outside the court for an hour and a half while the person pleaded guilty so we didn't even get to go in.  I guess what surprised me the most was how friendly people were as we waited.  I know no one really wanted to be there and be bored and stuck in a basement, but people seemed to have a good attitude and were pretty chatty.  I talked with a lot of nice people and made some new friends!  I expected most people to be crabby, lol!  All of the county employees were also very nice and had a sense of humor about our predicament.

Anyway onto a card.  I'm not going to lie, I don't love it.  I really wanted to make something Monday night but it was a struggle and this is what I ended up with.

I do love the combo of Lemon Lime Twist, Lovely Lipstick, and Grapefruit Grove.  I'll have to try again with this one.  My flamingo didn't turn out quite like I planned but I was tired and just happy I stamped SOMETHING so I went with it.

I'm in a rush to get back into my routine and I have Ian's babysitter coming this morning for a few hours so I will add supplies later ;-)

Happy stamping!

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