Thursday, July 25, 2019

Fancy Friday - 2019-2021 In Colors

Hi stampers! It's Fancy Friday time and I actually have my act together enough to hop with my fancy friends!!!!!  If you're new to this hop, we are a group of former and current Artisan Design Team members who get together once a month to show you all kinds of inspiration!

This month is all about the new In Colors!  I really like these colors.  They are so different than the bold colors we've had the last few years.

I chose to make a set of cards.  I wanted to feature each color so you could see just how pretty they are and see how a little accent of one or two of the other in colors complimented each one!

While my cards may not look all that fancy, it sure did take a while to die cut all the panels!  The Stitched Lace Dies Dies are great but you have to make sure you have all the little hanging chad's taken care of!  My tip for this die is to run the die through your machine MULTIPLE times!  I'm talking 7 or 8 here!  Seems excessive yes, but I actually put all of mine back through after trying 4 times and it wasn't enough.  The pieces came out much easier after 7-8 passes.  I also used the Die Brush attachment for the Take Your Pick Tool.  Very helpful here!

This die is just stunning, don't you think???  A lot of people have been put off by how intricate this die is but it's really easy to work with and SO worth it!

Here are each of the cards individually.  I accented each one just a little differently. Which one is your favorite?

For my Pretty Peacock card, I used a Purple Posy flower.  The ink for this color is still having quality control issues but the marker works just fine so I used it for all my stamping!  Keeping it simple, I just added a faceted dot in the center.

For Seaside Spray (which might be my favorite of the five), I used Rococo Rose to accent and I love the two together.  A simple white Baker's Twine bow finishes off a sweet card.

For my Purple Posy I went with Terracotta Tile and then snipped a bit of the Scalloped Linen Ribbon in half for a little leaf.  A sequin was the perfect way to finish this one off.  Adding that little something to your card, can quite literally be a VERY LITTLE something!  I had these cards done and photographed when I realized the Woven Threads Sequins included in colors so I dug them out and added a few and they really made the cards much cuter!

For Rococo Rose I added a Peacock heart with some linen thread and I really love this one, too!

Finally, for Terracotta Tile (which isn't photographing or editing well, sorry) I used Seaside Spray and a bit of the Rose Lace Ribbon. Once again the finishing touch here was a Woven Threads Sequin.  The Seaside Spray ones are so pretty!

I hope you liked my take on this year's new in colors!  I know you're going to love Charlet's project!  You're off to visit her now!

Thanks for hopping with us!

Happy stamping!

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