Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Extra, Extra!

Hi stampers!  I have some exciting news that I failed to share when I was on vacation and that really, I fail to share on the regular!

What is it, you say?  It's our amazing starter kit!  I tend to forget what a FABULOUS deal it is even when there isn't a special like there is now!  Normally, you can get $125 worth of products (any products you want, it's fully customizable now) for only $99 plus tax.  You get FREE shipping and FREE business supplies included!  That really is a great deal!  Even if you don't plan on having any events or staying a demo for the long term, it's a great way to get started or grow your stash of supplies.  You also have until the next full quarter to make your minimums, so if you sign up in July, you have until December to meet your quota!  You also get 20% off your orders as well as access to the demo website, our quarterly magazine, a SU FB page and my team FB page!  So many successful demonstrators I know only signed up for the discount :-)

There's no obligation to purchase more and no penalty for dropping.  Win, win!  Make it a hobby, make it a business or whatever you want in between!

Anyway, it gets even better this month!  So great that my step mom who I had a little fun class with in Illinois, signed up!  How awesome is that!?!?  We' love to have you join our team as well!  And get a great deal!  Wait for THIS!

This month only, you can get an extra $30 in product AND a $10 coupon to use in August!  That's $155 worth of product now for only $99!  If you host a party, you can use your hostess reward dollars towards your kit as well.  That's what Cheryl did and she actually paid LESS than $99.  You guys, I can't even!  It's so crazy good!  Basically a total of $165 for $99 or less!

If you're interested in hosting a party or signing up, just contact me!  We can chat and I'm happy to answer any questions for you!

To be quite honest, I really had forgotten what a fantastic deal our kit is until I personally helped her pick her items and enter them!  So great!  I hopped on Instagram earlier today to show you a sample kit and how much great stuff you can get so make sure to follow me and check that out!  I'll save it to my highlights!

And now, a guest designer, my step mom!  She visited a few weeks ago and I showed her how our pigment sprinkles worked and she put together a little card to take home!

I'm hoping to show them in action soon!

Happy stamping!

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