Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

Mailable Monday - Another Birthday

Hi stampers!  I didn't get to post or stamp the rest of last week.  I was too busy having fun with grandma and grandpa :-)  We'll see how this week goes since another set of G&G's are visiting today :-)

Here's a quick card I put together last week though.  It may have been my birthday so I got into birthday card making :-)  Thanks to everyone who sent a card, they were all gorgeous!

Simple and cute, just how I like them.  The sprinkle stamp in the party with cake set goes perfect with the confetti/sprinkle pattern in the tasty treats DSP.  I'll come back and add the supplies, running out of time as I  post.

Happy stamping! Product List

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Celebrations Easter Edition

Hi stampers!  I showed you happy celebrations yesterday kind of as intended, for a birthday card.  This is a great stamp set and embossing folder combo!  I decided to use it for a little bit out of the box idea here.  Valentine's is over to onto Easter, right?  The stamp set includes a lot of sentiments but not one for Easter so I selectively inked up one of the basket bunch sentiments and stamped it underneath my embossed word.

The embossing folder is really fun!  I watercolored my four colors over it a bit haphazardly.  I didn't want it to be perfect.  I think it makes a great look for an Easter card.  Soft but cheery at the same time!

And then I added a few checks from the basket bunch set as well.  And I made my scallop border with my little layering square hack I posted about a while back.  I cut a scallop square in half and lined it up to make a border!  

I think it turned out super cute and hope you do too!  FYI, I left my basic black ink and daffodil delight ink off the product list, sorry!  I wasn't going to redo it...blame the sickness ;-)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happy Celebrations

Hi stampers!  I'm happy and celebrating over here that I'm not feeling like death anymore!  I meant to get a post up for yesterday and today over the weekend but after picking my mom up at the train station on Saturday, my allergies hit me like a Mack truck!  I haven't had them flare up bad in the last few years and this more than made up for that.  Add to the fact that Jon and I had a quick little trip out of town (more on that another time) and I've pretty much been miserable so there wasn't any blogging happening.

Now, I SHOULD have blogged and stamped the night before we left town.  I got a couple allergy medicines and it turns out one of them or the combo of both was like crack for me.  I didn't go to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG.  I was up for well over 36 hours straight.  Now, I learned in high school that I can't do decongestants because they wire me all up but I have taken both of these medications without incident before and was super careful to avoid the dreaded "D".  So, it's safe to say, I'll be throwing those in the trash!  But really, I should have put my wide-awakness to good use, ha!

We're headed home now and thankfully I finally slept good last night and felt human this morning!

Anyway here's a simple card using the happy celebrations set.  There is a bit of a boo-boo on this card, see the Y.  My stamp set was defective but I just loved this stamp in particular so much, I used it anyway.  And because SU is awesome, I got a replacement lickety-split!  Remember if something doesn't work right, let me or SU know and we'll get you squared away!

So I cased this card off of a sample that SU published a while ago with a thank you card.  I want to say it was an old SAB set but I can't remember offhand.

The only thing I don't like is how the calypso coral and flirty flamingo watercoloring pretty much look the same here.  Oh well, lesson learned!  I think it's a bit more apparent in real life but I do like the combo of all the fun colors!  My heart border is from sealed with love set.

Now, let's hope my ears handle the flight ok.  I have trouble with them to begin with and the decent Sunday was not good for them.  At one point, both kind of closed up on me and gave me a LOT of pain.  The right one didn't open up until sometime on Monday so I'm hoping to not go half deaf again!  Being sick and flying are two of my least favorite things and even more so when combined, ha!

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