Friday, November 16, 2018

The Case of the Missing CASE

Hi stampers!  Happy Friday!  It's been like the longest week ever!  Back from Orlando and Jon immediately took off for Dallas for the week, YIKES!  So, I was trying to get back to normal after a trip has been harder with just Ian and me...ALLLLL day every day lol!  Thankfully he's home now but I have gotten like nothing accomplished, especially stamping.  Oh well.

Thankfully, I have some projects saved up that I haven't shared, like this one.  I saw a CUTE calendar on Instagram and now I can't find it:(  I took a screen shot but I must have deleted it by accident.  Anyway, if you made this awesome project, thank you for the inspiration!  I thought your idea would make an adorable card and I wasn't wrong!

Update:  I have found the original creator!  It was Janina and you can find her @kreative4waende on IG!

As a side note, that tree in the middle doesn't look black here for some reason and I have no idea why.  Silly photographs, I swear it's just as dark as the others in real life.  But this really was a simple little card and I love the black and white with crumb cake!

Hopefully I'll have some time to search IG again and come back and credit the original creator!

Happy stamping!

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