Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hi stampers!  Another Tuesday is here and another day closer to Christmas!  Ack!  I'm usually pretty ready but not this year!  I still have a ton of cards that I need (or at least want) to make, I didn't get all my decorations out/up this year and I'm still not done shopping!  I think we need a new month right in the middle of November and December!   We were talking about that at work yesterday....what would we call it?  :-)

Anyway it's time for a new challenge at Hand Stamped Sentiments today.  This week's theme is thank you....how perfect for this time of year right?  We'll need lots of thank you's for all the gifts we get:-)  I actually like using my holiday stamps to make thank you's after the holidays....makes me feel a little better about extending their "shelf life", know what I mean?
Now, with it being a busy time of year I went ahead and cheated a little bit and used MDS for my card....actually it's not cheating at all...it's just being smart! :-)  Time management!  What's GREAT about MDS is that you can take one of the pre made templates which are amazing on their own of course, but you can take it and add your own twist like I did on this card (which I just realized kind of coordinated with the inspiration photo, ha)!
Stampin' Supplies:
My Digital Studio

So, I should have saved a version of the basic template...but I didn't think that far ahead I guess:-)  Basically I made these changes:

1.  Swapped out the Christmas greeting to a thank you sentiment (which was TOTALLY easy to find with the search feature (I just typed in "thank you" and BAM...tons of options).
2.  Added the fun chevron background which was just plain before.  I really think it adds a lot of depth and texture to what was otherwise a bit boring!  And in case you are wondering it's very vanilla in color but I dialed the opacity way down for a subtle look.
3.  I added the gold brad to the center of the big snowflake.  I wanted to add a glimmer brad but it looks like I haven't downloaded all of my old downloads from when I got my new computer.  Oops, I keep forgetting to finish that.  Someone remind me in a few weeks, ok? :-)

So, with those three QUICK and simple changes I took a cute card to a fabulous card!  It's that easy! And even if you think you aren't creative with MDS you can be!  You just experiment AAAAANNNDDD if you don't like something then you just hit undo!  I wish real paper and stamps had an undo button sometimes, hehe!

Ok, now head on over to HSS and get inspired to make a thank you!

Happy stamping!


  1. I love your idea of that extra month, even if it would only be two weeks long. How about "Holiber"....Holiday and Holly and even Holy all in one :-)

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