Saturday, May 25, 2013

You're drunk moon....

....go home!  Seriously!  I could tell it was going to be a full moon on Monday!  Yeesh!  Anyone else have a drunk moon week?????

Working in healthcare the crazy really comes out!  This week has been the worst one I remember in a long time...and that's saying something after the oh-so-fun fertility testing I had a few weeks ago!!!!  So, sorry I haven't posted!  I haven't forgotten about you but I haven't had either the time or energy to stamp or blog this week.  And I've been "working" on my display samples...which REALLY means browsing Pinterest for ideas and staring at my supplies.....

I'm going to be kicking myself soon for this but I'm waiting on a lot of them so I can get some more new supplies from the new catalog.  Don't forget you can order from the old and new catalog at noon next Friday!

I also had some super-stress over my Artisan entries.  They actually showed up at SU a day after the deadline.  The guy at the PO told me they would be delivered on Monday.....not Thursday.  But, I guess since it was priority and not express it's not a given.  Well, he could have TOLD me that when I explained that it HAD to be there by Wednesday.  Oy!  So, I've been in contact with SU and I don't have any definite answers but they THINK they will still accept my stuff since it was the PO's fault and not mine.  But rest assured UPS will be getting my business from now on!!!!!  No wonder the PO is in trouble!!!!   Anyway....I hope you're week has been better :-)

So, how about something fun (but kind of sad at the same time I guess)?  This is a card I think I've had done since right after last convention, haha!  I made a video with it but somehow never got around to editing it and everything...oh well.  I swear I'm going to get more organized ONE of these days;-)  But they showed us how to make a flower with circle punches and the pennant punch.  Basically you just insert the circle into the point of the pennant and punch making the little V.  Layer a few up and viola!  Really cute, huh?

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Distressed dots, pursuit of happiness
Paper:  Whisper white, daffodil delight, calypso coral, lucky limeade
Ink:  Daffodil delight, calypso coral, lucky limeade
Accessories:  Circle punches, flower punch, pennant punch, basic rhinestones

And it's a little sad because two of my very favorite things on this card are retiring in a few days!  Life just won't be the same without distressed dots and pursuit of happiness!  You can be that these are two things that will NOT be leaving my stamp room! Oh and add lucky limeade to the list!  Like my friend Rita texted me last night, who likes olive anymore???  :-)  Speaking of retired stuff......  If I can ever get my act together I need to have a little (or not so little) rubber rummage sale!!!!!!  Keep an eye out!

Ok, time to teach some turbo kick!  Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!  And go home moon, you're drunk!!!!!

Happy stamping!


  1. What a post! And I have to agree with you on so many points. I worked in a hospital lab some 20 years ago and it's true; the crazies came out hard and strong during a full moon. Predictably.
    Also, I'm going to miss lucky limeade, too. I used to think that old olive was the be all-end all of greens; especially for the holidays. But limeade and even gumball proved to be great and versatile greens. I tell you what, though; I'm keeping my lucky limeade stash. I got rid of all things pear pizzazz when it retired and now have to re-buy it all.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Fun Card Mindy... I can't believe they are retiring the distress dots so soon... but I guess it's because I LOVE it... LOL

    Have a Great Weekend...



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