Tuesday, June 17, 2014

HSS 188

Hi stampers!  I hope everyone had a good Father's Day weekend!  We went home for the last time in what will be a while I suppose since I won't be allowed by my doctor to go that far in a few weeks, we probably won't be going home any time soon after the baby comes for at least a month or two, AND it sucked lol!  I found that driving that far is really not fun for an 8 month pregnant woman last week when I had to take an unexpected trip home (actually to my mom's which is even an hour longer) for a funeral.  I thought it would be better if I rode home Driving Miss Daisy style in the back seat this weekend but it wasn't!  I was highly uncomfortable (back pain) and my feet swelled up even though they were up.  So, I'm grounded :-)  Maybe that means I'll get some stamping done though!!!!!

But, since it's Tuesday, I did get some stamp time in for Hand Stamped Sentiments.  This week is a fun little sketch!

I'm still struggling to get my stamp time in.  I did go down to the cold cave Friday night for some Father's Day cards and to get this one done which is for my BFF's sister who is due about a month after me!  My bestie is coming to visit today so I wanted a card to go with my present that I'm sending with her since I'll be grounded from the shower (boo).  Her sister and I keep laughing about how we are going to trade babies sometimes because as you see from the card she's expecting a girl and she's not girly and I'm having a boy and am totally girly :-)  Isn't that how it seems to go????  I have to say I did have fun shopping for her!!!!!  And I have to say I'm a bit bummed about moving when we did as there are a number of my friends having little babies soon so it would have been fun for Baby Backes and momma to have some friends to play with!!!!

I hope she likes it and it's not "too" girly...and I had to use the retired ribbon because I couldn't find anything else that I liked there :-)

Now, make sure to check out all the DT samples and play along with us!

Happy stamping!

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  1. Cute card! Sounds like an uncomfortable. Glad you made it back and know to stay at home for the duration! ;)
    My stamp room is in our basement too, and even though the basement is finished, the furnace is not set up to properly heat or cool the area so it's always cold and damp, winter or summer. We bought one of those infrared heaters - cool to the touch - to help keep the main area warm. For my stamping area I have another little space heater. it's bout 6 inches high and really cranks out the heat! I keep it right by my feet and I'm nice and toasty year round!

    Happy Stamping,
    Jenny W


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