Sunday, January 18, 2015

New year new me!

Well maybe like new year old me….I really need to get back to my old pre-baby self at much as I can!  Hi stampers!  Happy new year!  And I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We did as you can probably tell by my radio silence :-)  I had big plans for stamping and blogging at my moms since I'd have "so much time" but alas I didn't lol!  We stayed pretty busy (got to shop earlier next year) and my mom wasn't as helpful at her house as she is at ours, lol!  She kept finding things she needed to do around the house usually starting one thing then flitting around to 20 more :-)  Guess at my house she doesn't care lol! ;-)

I was lucky to be able to go home with my mom for a week before Christmas and then Jon came down for the whole week of Christmas and we spent time with all of our families and then we were lucky enough to have my mom and step dad come visit for a week after (as I had a cousin getting married on NYE).  And thankfully my mom is wonderful and instead of riding up with my step dad the day after we came home which was the plan she rode back with us as both Jon and I had bad colds (he even had to go to the ER one night thanks to his cold going to some lymph nodes…he and his brother always get random and weird illnesses and the ER was crazy busy and we were two to a room and our roomie had a very "interesting" and if you ask me embarrassing injury!!!!!) and Ian was sick as well.  Thankfully the little man fared much better than the two of us and never acted like he felt bad but had a cough and runny nose.  I think we actually caught if from him (and I think our cousin gifted him with it at an early Christmas get together).  I felt pretty rotten for quite a while and STILL have a runny nose close to 3 weeks later!!!!!  But even though I didn't get things done I thought I would (including daily workouts) I had a wonderful time and wouldn't change a thing….except for shopping earlier, did I mention that?  Please remind me next year!!!!!!).

But, now that it's 2015 I have got to get my act together!  I'm still adjusting to living away from family (do you ever really get used to that?) and being a new mom (do you ever really get used to that either, lol) but I think trying to get back to the "old" me will help.  Obviously I'm different now and things are different but I need to do things that make me happy!  I have a big flaw and that's that I don't like to start things I think or know I can't finish.  Like when I sit down to make cards I tend to only do it if I know I have a certain block of time or that I can get at least one finished.  I don't like leaving things half done.  Same goes for workouts and I've often skipped them if I know I can't get a hard hour in but that silly since even 20 minutes would be better than zero!  But that's me and it didn't used to be a big deal since I had lots of time.  Well, now I don't of course and I need to do what I can when I can!  So those are the two big ones!  Stamping and working out more often than not even if I can't do it as long as I'd like!  And adding in blogging there somewhere too :-)   Are any of you like that too?  Don't like starting things you can't finish (laundry however, seems to be the exception…I have no issues leaving clothes in the washer or dryer lol)?

And I checked out some gyms yesterday.  I'd like to get back to the actual gym and it would be good to get out of the house and meet people.  Having been a class instructor it's going to be HARD to pay for a membership…especially a pricey one but I guess it will be worth it.  I'm just nervous about leaving Ian in the day care.  Kids are gross and I fear his getting sick, ick!  But it will be good for him to be around other people too since it's just me and him most of the time!  I've got to quit using him as an excuse for not doing things!  It would be easier if he took longer naps but maybe he will one day :-)  I guess I'm thankful he's a really good night sleeper as opposed to a long napper and bad night sleeper, ha!

So, this isn't really a resolution as it is just getting back to the old me!  Thanks to all my friends and readers who have been patient with me as I figure our life now :-)    So how about a card after all that blah blah blah?

I made this one over the holidays at my moms.  I didn't stamp much but the new photopolymer release and some washi tape made some coffee table stamping easy!

Again, I'm going to play around with not photo editing but it may drive me nuts…we will see.

And now here is a pic of Ian.  And yes, I know it's best to wait until 6 months for solid foods so please no hate mail on that.  There are some issues that we had that trumped waiting and solids have helped.  The decision was well researched and approved by our pediatrician.  This was our first taste of carrots.  Looks like he likes them!  Don't tell him I don't like them cooked ;-)

Happy stamping!


  1. Good to see you back in blogland, Mindy! You're little Ian is adorable!!!

  2. I have always enjoyed your energy and great smile and happy approach to your crafting.

    I am a mother of 5 & grandmother of 5:) Back in the day :) our kids went on baby cereal at 1 mo, fruit & cereal at 2 mo., fruit, cereal & veg. at 3 mo. 2 % milk at 3 mo. They stayed on the 6, 10 & 2 schedules when home from the hosp. Only used a pacifier, ugg, to regulate their schedule inbetween meals - at 3 months threw it away! They pretty much slept thru the night by 1 mo. that is 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.:) They were not nappers by 1 1/2 years but went to bed by 8:00 p.m. and slept till 8:00 a.m. They were happy, healthy full of energy kids. NOW they are all in their 50's:)

    All kids are different and hopefully you realize they join your schedule/lifestyle not the other way round. Yes, there are temporary glitches, but they pass.

    With your talent perhaps you could teach part time outside the home....or in the home and find part time daycare. Make time for yourself and plan a date night for the two of you a couple times a month - start with a babysitter for just an hour or two. Your craft time might be shorter and your workout time - BUT make time:)) You'll be fine. You are a beautiful little family.

  3. Glad you got to enjoy family time. That's important. I'm now in my 50's with a teen DD; I still miss being near my parents but I do live 10 mins away from my sister. You will always be a mom and always wonder where the energy will come from. Be sure to make time for yourself. You'll find the perfect is nice, but "make do" is even better. Stamping time is relaxation time.


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