Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm a Flamingo

You guys!  I'm a flamingo...why?  Well I hit my foot just right on a piece of equipment at Ian's gymnastics class on Wednesday and broke my toe!  UGH!  So I'm trying to balance on one leg quite a bit like a flamingo, hahahaha!  If you follow me on FB or IG you probably already know this from me posting yesterday :-)

Seriously this was the most random thing and as an athletic trainer, I knew it was bad and the x-ray looked exactly like I expected it to based on the way my foot was presenting.  I'm TRYING to be a good patient but I'm much better being the medical provider than the patient!  Not working out strenuously (you can bet I will be doing SOMETHING) for the next SIX TO EIGHT weeks may do me in!  Also, chasing around Ian who's a running fool should be interesting.  I was super lucky in that my dad and step mom were on the way to visit the morning I did it.  I'm so thankful to have their help for at least a day and I'm going to cry when they leave Friday!  I'm really trying to stay off of it as much as possible but that's not easy for me or with a toddler, right?  And my black post op shoe is going to look just FABULOUS with a dress for a wedding in a few weeks, lol!  Anyway, I SHOULD have ample time to stamp and blog while I recover...we'll see how that goes ;-)  Silver linings, right? Ha!

Anyway, since I'm a flamingo, let's look at a card with one.  At first glance I wasn't a fan of this set but then some of the display stampers and artisans wowed me with their cards and color combos.  This one is based off of numerous cards and combos I've seen!  The colors are just so vibrant and I think the sentiment is cute!  

I stamped my water on watercolor paper and then used an aqua painter to spread the ink a little bit.  I then took my heat tool to it before I stamped anything else.  If it's not 100% dry, the ink from the other colors will run...ask me how I know this :-)

I also layered a bit of a doily plus some lemon lime punched with the new ribbon border punch!  Some washi tape over the sentiment finished it off!

I hope you like it!  And please, send me prayers and healing vibes!  I've got a follow up on the 6th and I'm anxious to see how it's healing and hoping it's healing fast and well!  I'd like to ditch the shoe and get back to kickboxing as soon as I can!  And wearing cute shoes (I have literally bought like 4 cute pairs in two weeks and I can't wear them now, sooooo sad right?)! :-)

Happy stamping! Product List

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