Friday, October 13, 2017

Fab Friday 123

Hi stampers!  Thank GOODNESS it's Friday!  It's been a week around here!  I walked into Ian's room yesterday morning to find he'd gotten sick sometime during the night and not called for us and then continued to be sick most of the day, poor guy!  Hopefully he's on the mend now!  Anyway, it's not been a very productive week for anything (except maybe laundry and anxiety, ha) including stamping and blogging.

At least I have something for Fab Friday this week though!

I did a pretty simple card but I think it's cute and a little spooky :-)  I was going to take a better picture as well but since the day went sideways, this will have to work!

I'll try to add the supplies later.  As I'm blogging this, I've hit my effort limit for the day (lol).

Happy stamping!

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