Sunday, March 13, 2011

My video debut!

Hi stampers!  I have something super fun first video!  I've wanted to do this for a while now and finally got the courage up to do it, hehe.  I practiced the other night but you guys won't ever see those videos since I'd just let my hair air dry, had no make up on, was wearing sweats AND I had my glasses on, hehe.  I just got a tri pod today so I wasn't set up yet to video a project so I thought I'd take you on a tour of my stamp room!  I have to tell on myself though...half way through the first take of the tour I dropped the camera!  It was funny..but guys won't be seeing that one!  Anyway here is the video I decided to start here because I often get questions on how I have things stored:

I do hope that this is a "before" video and sometime soon I can show you the new room!  I'll also be doing a video product review of some of my most favorite things soon!  So make sure you check back in often!  If you have questions about anything or would like more information about anything you see please let me know!  Also, please let me know if there are any ideas or techniques that you're interested in me doing videos on!  Thanks for joining me today!

Happy stamping!


  1. It was fun seeing your stamp room!!!!

  2. Great video! loved seeing your room.

  3. Thanks for the tour, Mindy!

  4. Mindy- I love the haircut- it's so cute!!!!

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing when you mentioned the Blair Witch Project. :P


  5. I love your room and your hair! But have fun at Ikea, I'd love to get up to mine someday, my room is a hodgepodge too.

  6. Love the video, Mindy! I came across it on SCS :). You've motivated me to do a video of my stamp room that I keep putting off - will be my first video too! I love seeing everyone's stamp rooms and sometimes pictures just don't do them justice :). Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your comments. I probably won't respond unless you ask a direct question (because I know my limits, lol) but I read and appreciate every single one <3


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