Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Plugging Along

Hi stampers!  I've been quiet, I know!  We are slowly but surely trying to figure this mommy/baby thing out :-)

I don't do well with change or with either not having a routine or adjusting to a new one so obviously newborns don't really have much of a routine so in one way I'm struggling a little bit but I keep telling myself soon we will have more of a routine.  And I guess we have a little bit of one but I'd like a LITTLE more predictability lol!

I felt like I was kind of in just a holding pattern basically this whole year with all the changes that happened.  Hubby and I were talking about how crazy this year was. We started out pregnant last year then decided to move and had to close on the house in two weeks back in February and then I went to his parents to the corporate apartment to our house here!  Craziness!  Then I felt like I was basically just waiting around for little man to get here so I never really got into a routine anyway and my stamping has suffered.  It's honestly suffered since I quit work (since I guess I stamp better with LESS time...can't "put it off until later" lol) and then with our fertility stuff.  I think I felt too distracted to stamp with all that.  Then, Jon left each week when he started his new job so my routine was weird again and then we were moving so I just never got into the groove!  I'm hoping that soon things will even out so I can stamp more often....dare I say daily???  And I'd LOVE to start some workshops and classes!!!!!

I keep saying I'm going to go stamp and then...I don't lol!  I'm not sure I want to cart the baby down to the cold basement and then when Jon comes home I actually kind of want to see him lol!  I even let him move his video game thing upstairs just to "see" him more.  Maybe that will "force" me downstairs in the weeks to come ;-) He even suggested moving my room up here to the dining room!  I was shocked as it's an open room and he HATES my cluttered space lol!  He really must love me :-)  But, I don't want to lug everything upstairs (he suggested just bringing some up...he doesn't get that I need it ALL, lol) and redo the room again plus have my mess out in the open.  Plus, I plan on using that room as Ian's play room when he's older.

And then over the weekend I was going to stamp....but we had company twice and I went clothes shopping which ate up my time....not that I'm complaining about shopping ;-)

Anyway, I hope to have some things to share soon and to stamp this weekend!  It HAS to happen at least a little as I have a Control Freaks swap due!  And then I hope to be back to my Fab Friday gig too!  I totally dropped the ball last week and forgot what day it was lol!  Whoops!

I'd also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to whoever has put in some "no contact" orders from me online!  I want to respect your privacy but I also want to say THANK YOU!  I appreciate your business as well as all (not that there are many, hehe) of my customers!

And also, thank you to those who have sent cards!  It's so fun to get some happy mail mixed in with those hospital bills lol!  I appreciate and ohhh and ahh over every one!  Jon thinks it's fun too that people take the time to send us some cute cards!

And finally I suppose you'd like a little update on Ian!  I don't have any pics on my computer as of now, recent ones anyway.  Maybe I can do an update on Friday when he's a month old!  He's really good and growing scary fast!  Last week he was about 10 pounds if my scale is right and I know he's bigger than that now!  I think he's getting longer over getting fatter, lol!  And he still has no booty and little chicken legs ;-)  I'll save more details for his "birthday"!

And he's been asleep forever this afternoon....I totally should have stamped instead of catching up on some other things and!!!!

Happy stamping!


  1. LOL... Oh Mindy, This reminds me of such precious memories of my daughter jumping on the little trampoline singing in my craftroom as I crafted along... then my daughter and son watching movies on the TV as I crafted on the kitchen table (lost the craftroom to the son) but it was such a happy time all being together instead of being off in other rooms. Hubby, who really likes everything in it's own place, grew to understand that it was important for us all to be together because the time is so fleeting that comes teens they're off to their own rooms, lives, etc.... so glad we had that time... because we have those memories.... Sarah still talks about singing and jumping on the trampoline and she's It will all come together for ya.... Faith

  2. Mindy, it isn't being being a new mom and with all that change. The location of the stamping space is actually a big deal for exactly the reasons you suggest. My only "unasked for" advice is to grant yourself some time and space to not have any of this figured out. You will get on more of a schedule eventually and will carve out time for your passions once you have more energy and emotional space. What you are going through is understandable and not "just you." Hang in there mom.


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