Friday, February 3, 2012

MDS - FREE trial!

Hi stampers!  Boy, do I have exciting news!!!!  Starting NOW (actually February 1st, I'm a little slow) you can download My Digital Studio for FREE!  MDS is Stampin' Up's digital scrapbooking and card making software and it's totally awesome!  Now you can make those awesome photo Christmas cards (or cute cute cute birth announcements) from the comfort of your home!  No need to get out in the cold to the store to make them or pick them up!  Have them delivered right to your door!  It's great if you've always wanted to scrapbook or make cards but just didn't think you had the time, space, or talent!

Starting this month you can download the express pack for a free month long trial!  If you like it then you can purchase it once your month is up.  If not, no big don't have to do ANYTHING except uninstall it!

MDS is great for MANY reasons!  Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Space saving!  Everything is on your computer so if you're short on space it's the perfect way to craft!
  • Portable!  If you've got a laptop then you can scrap and craft anywhere!  Just imagine if you could scrapbook your vacation in the airport before you even get home!  Or how about making your birth announcements before you and baby even leave the hospital!  Designer templates make crafting a no-brainer!
  • No waste!  Always worried about messing up your projects and wasting supplies?  Not with MDS...don't like it, just hit the undo or delete button!  You can also use the program to see if you like a project before you do a traditional one on paper!
  • Coordination!  All of the MDS contents coordinate seamlessly with our traditional crafting products.  This makes hybrid projects (MDS projects that you embellish with traditional elements after printing) a breeze!
  • It's quick!  With many designer templates it makes creating gorgeous projects easy!  Just drag and drop your photos!
  • The possibilities are endless!  You can make scrapbooks, cute little swatch books (GREAT gifts right there), baby shower invitations, birth announcements,  wedding invitations, birthday cards and party invitations, tags, home decor and much, much more (my blog backgrounds are even made with MDS)!!!!
And those are just a few of the great reasons why you NEED MDS!  It's so fun and it's easy for beginners and more advanced crafters as well!  And each Tuesday, SU releases new downloads so it's easy to stay on trend with what's current in your crafting!

Here are some examples of projects that can be made with MDS:

Scrapbook pages:


And this card would make a GREAT hybrid card!  Simply add the REAL traditional buttons and brads and ribbons after printing. How cute would that be???  And this card literally took minutes!  It's one of the many pre-made templates so I all I had to do was put on my finishing touches!

If you'd like to download the FREE trial software please visit my store HERE and remember to select me as your demonstrator if you'd like to purchase it after the trial and/or purchase downloads!  You can also click on the SHOP 24/7 link up on the right!  And please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!!!  I'm here to help!

I have a LOT of projects made using MDS, I just forget to post them!  I'll try to come back soon with some more projects to share!

Happy stamping....or MDSing:-)

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  1. Oh Mindy I love your pages. Very cute! I will be moving back to Davenport in the Spring I hope. Happy Stamping! Hugs,Bev


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