Friday, February 17, 2012

Under Construction

Hi stampers!  I know I've been kind of quiet this week and I'm sorry BUT my new stamp studio has been under construction since Sunday!  For a few days I was in between two rooms!  It was like cardio circuit stamping!  Back and forth!  LOL!  Anyway, I've had very little time to stamp or blog due to the move and because of long hours at work and having my stuff in THREE rooms right now is hard on the stamping mojo:-) 

I've still got some work to do....mainly cleaning and organizing....and some more furniture/storage options to buy, but at least the room is functional now!

So, I hope to be back soon with some cards and a tour of the new place.  I'll leave you with a little teaser....


  1. Whoot Whoot! Can't WAIT to see the finished project, Mindy! :)

  2. Nice!! Where did you get the unit with the shelves and desk?


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