Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Backes Bumpdate

Hi stampers!  I know I haven't really given any bumpdates and I've got no excuse except for all the crazy with the move and pure pregnancy laziness :-)  But people have been asking and there's no way I can do individual emails so here we go.  I'm 37 weeks now which means the little guy should be here in about 3 weeks.  I'm still sad to miss convention but it's the best reason to have to miss!  I'll be glued to the computer in a few weeks trying to soak up any news...although that won't do much for getting anything done around the house....not that I've been good at that lately anyway, ha!

I've been rather tired and lazy the past few weeks and finally having some discomfort.  I have been pretty lucky to have rather mild and "easy" symptoms all pregnancy but as he and I get bigger I am feeling some pain and discomfort. He kicks me a lot and hard and actually makes my belly and muscles quite sore!  I really never talked to anyone who's baby moved this much and this hard!  The ultrasound tech even commented on it once, lol!  He also likes to wedge a foot or something in my mid-back which isn't any fun!  I also have some burning muscle and nerve paint at the top of my belly which I guess is common in short people like me.  I guess it's a trade off since I don't have much pelvic pain yet at all.  But overall I can't really complain.  I'm still working out or at least walking sometimes up to 4 miles most days of the week but honestly sometimes that's really all I get done, lol!  I was anemic and feeling pretty wiped out from that but I just found out my numbers now are really good so I'm glad that's gotten better.  Jon was sad to hear it as he thought it would mean a decrease in red meat for dinner (which I had upped when I found out) ha!  I told him I need to keep my levels up so beef is on the menu for a while still!!!! Men!  Haha!   And speaking of daddy, I'm happy to say he made it through our birth class with flying colors.  He's pretty squeamish about medical stuff so it could have taken a turn for the worse :-)  And some of the things that annoy/bother me are just funny and things I'd never really think of.  For instance, I can't do dishes and work at the sink very comfortably.  Being short, the biggest part of my belly sticks out RIGHT at the edge of the island and it's literally hard to reach the faucet and soap!  LOL!  Who would have thought!  Putting my gym shoes on is also a challenge.  I swear, walking 4 miles is easier than THAT!  I'm excited to have my body back as in just belonging to ME and not sharing it, lol! And being able to put my shoes on without doing some weird breathing and yoga moves and being able to do the dishes comfortably lol!

So, overall I can't really complain as it's been an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy so far and I feel very lucky seeing what some women go through!  It makes me nervous to go for number two in case I'm not so lucky the second time lol!  That's part of the reason I'm an only child! Seriously, my mom said it was easy the first time and she didn't want to tempt fate the second, lol!  And I have a good friend who's on number two and was sick every single day for two whole trimesters after not being sick at all with her first.  You just never know!

Here's me at 35 weeks. At that point I was up about 20 pounds which was my target weight from my old OB taking into account that I was teaching a lot of aerobics.  Needless to say, now that I'm not doing that I may gain a tad more, lol!   But I'm happy to say that's not even a maternity skirt!  It's one of the very few things I had from before that I can squeeze into :-)  I think this might be my most favorite outfit to date.  I love clothes the way I love stamps so dressing the belly has been fun for me!  And I just realized my skirt matches my card!  It's totally coastal cabana, ha!

And you can't come without seeing a card of course.  These are the quick and easy thank you's I made up for my baby shower hostesses.  Which reminds me, I really need to try to see if anyone has pictures from that day and show you the decorations I made!!!!

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Something for baby, lots of thanks
Paper:  Whisper white, coastal cabana
Ink:  So saffron, coastal cabana
Accessories:  Baby's first framelits

And that's pretty much it.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers and comments and support during this whole journey to have little Baby Backes!  It means more to me than you'll ever know!  I can't wait to share his arrival with you and probably all the silliness that he's going to bring if he's anything like his daddy ;-)

Happy stamping!


  1. You are positively glowing!! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Can't wait to see the baby. So glad you've had an easy pregnancy. Love your card too.

  3. You look adorable...wishing you a safe delivery, and what an adorable card you made, too!

  4. I've been out of the loop evidently! Big congratulations to you! You look Marvelous! (and yup, it would be one of the best reasons for having to skip Convention!)

  5. You and your baby bump look wonderful!! I loved being pregnant :)

  6. You look gorgeous - and your bump is so neat! Good luck with the final few weeks. Love your crafting as well xx

  7. You're the cutest! the card is adorable, love your skirt:)
    Best wishes to you and hubby as you welcome your little darling into the world very very soon! What a blessing!

  8. Oh you are so darn cute and glow with joy! So excited for you to welcome

  9. Sorry, I pushed the wrong button and it wouldn't let me edit my comment. You look so happy and glowing in your pregnancy. So excited for you to welcome your precious little boy. My daughter is having a girl we recently found out so I'm creating ballerinas and tutus and such for her shower, so fun to have a new baby on its way. Congratulations!!!

  10. you and the card are adorable. good luck!!! you'll be a great mom.


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