Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Artisan Finalist Blog Tour Day 1

Hi stampers!  Well it's finally time to share my Artisan finalist projects!  And not only can you see mine but you can see eight of the other nine finalist's amazing projects too!  If you're following the hop then you just came Tara (Murphy) Bougoin's blog and wasn't her project awesome?  Don't worry if you didn't start at the beginning though because we make an endless loop so you can see all the projects.  And keep coming back!  There will be 10 days of hopping:-)

The first project I'm going to share is the first thing I made for the contest.  I thought that was fitting when I was trying to figure out what to show you first!  I just kind of decided to enter all of the sudden once I saw they changed the rules and there was a chance to be on a design team but I had to wait for the rules to post which took a while.  I guess I work better under pressure, ha!

So, for this card I wanted to use a lollie since they are so "in" right now and I think this is a fun and cheery card!  I also went for a different size than I usually make.  Looking back at past winners I saw that they made a variety of different card sizes so I decided to go square on this one and it fit my medallion well. I like this card because the lollie gives it a wow aspect but it's still rather clean and simple which of course is very me.  I wanted to make sure that all my entries were still "Mindy" cards!
It's hard to see in the photo but the sentiment is heat embossed in white.  For some reason I couldn't get it to show up well in the photo.  It's also on textured cardstock.  Have to say I miss that stuff...although I may have some hoarded...I mean saved;-)  I also added some extra special touches inside each of the cards for good measure:-)  Also something I had picked up on from past winners.  And I have to say while looking over past winners I was sure I'd never even make the short list.  So, if you're on the fence about entering or afraid to...just DO it!  You never know:-)  Here's the inside.

You will note that a lot of the supplies I've use are now retired...but they were current when I entered:-)  So, I'm not going to list my supplies since most are retired.  If you have questions though just let me know!

I'm last on the tour so if you started here or somewhere in the middle you can head over to Connie Collins blog and start all over!  Head on over and check out her gorgeous project!

And in case you lose your way here is a list of the other finalists in the hop!
1:  Connie Collins
2:  Holly VanDyne
3:  Melissa Stout
4:  Amy O'Neill
5:  Sandie Conner
6:  Amy Rogers
7:  Mercedes Weber
8:  Tara (Murphy) Bougroin
9:  Mindy Bingamon (You are here)

Happy stamping....or should I say hopping!


  1. Oh, how wonderfully bright and cheerful! Just love it :)

  2. Over the top beautiful! And so nice and neat! Your a wonderful artist Mindy!!

  3. Love this card, Mindy! The colors are so pretty, and the lolly is a perfect touch of fun.

  4. I absolutely LOVE simple and classy cards, yours is definitely both! Love it! :)

  5. I love the way your lolly feels like the sun. I'm glad you stayed true to yourself and kept your entries "Mindy"!


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