Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crazy announcements!

Hi stampers!!!  I'm doing the happy dance over here...good thing you can't see me, lol!  BUT there are two BIG announcements today!

First, starting Saturday for three days and three days only you can get FREE shipping on any order (excluding expedited)!  No minimums and no limits!!!!!  So, if there's anything you've been wanting NOW (well Saturday, ha) is the time to get it!!!!!!!  Remember it's only three days!

And what to order?  Well you could stock up on the colors that are retiring!  WHAT???  Yep, that's right, we are doing a little color refresh of our line-up and I have to say I like it!  But the colors that are retiring are on a while supplies last basis so if there's something you want to stock up on I'd do it quickly!

Wanna see the changes?  I know you do!  We are getting one new color and nine old in-colors are returning!  They've also moved a few around a bit.  Here's the list:

I know it's small.  You can click on it to make it bigger!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  And this is one time I'm happy I'm such a....hoarder.....I mean keeper :-)  I think I have some of each of these returning colors!  Now, if you're sad about any of the out going colors I'm sorry (I'm really going to miss more mustard) I'm truly sorry but SU will be changing things every 3-5 years in order to stay fresh, trendy and current as color trends change.  So try not to take it personally if they retire your most favorite color :-)

Ok, I don't have a pretty picture ready for you today...shame on me!  But I think this is enough excitement for now!  I'll try to come back with a card to share at some point today.  I have to confess I haven't stamped all week!  Oops!  And now I have to teach class and have a meeting and work late tonight....but I'll try to come back with a pretty picture.

Now, go make your list of what to order on Saturday for the free shipping;-)

Happy stamping!

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