Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy retirement...2013

Hi stampers!  Sorry I'm not very on the ball on the retirement stuff.  (And I'm finishing this the day after I meant to publish it...since I fell asleep before I did it yesterday...sigh.)  Normally I take the two days after the pre order off from work and have plenty of time to study the lists and get my ducks in a row and let it all sink in as well as get plenty of sleep.  Well neither one of those things really happened today/last night.  I slept on the couch until just before 1am then signed on to see the info.  I made my order and then sat around waiting for the catalog to post (which is amazing....but I can't share details just yet) because it was late.  I tried looking at the retirement lists but I was cross eyed, lol!  So, finally I headed to bed around 2 and could I fall asleep? Nope!  Figures, huh!  So I had to get up and go to work all the while thinking of all the fun SU stuff going on :-)

So.....make sure you check out MY STORE for the retiring stamps and accessories and get em while you can!  Remember that since SU makes their own stamps they control the inventory so they will all be available until May 31....accessories are a different story and only available while supplies last!  And some of them are discounted up to 60%, holla!!!!

I'm also kind of bummed because I had the weekend off so I could play with my goodies that should show up before 10am today (yay) but now I have to cover for someone :(  Oh well, story of my life.  Again, our jobs really get in the way of stamping, right? :-)

Ok, so here's a pretty picture.  I'll TRY to come back with some sneaky peeks later if I get to play.  I planned on stamping today but I'll have to cut that short NOW because we found out late last night that someone else wants to see the house...which is good I know, but it's getting frustrating to be inconvenienced all the time and not get a single offer!  Send us some good vibes, ok?

I'm really happy to see Bermuda bay back!  It's so pretty and looks great with so many of our colors!

I'll try to add the supplies later...I gotta get to the gym to teach and then try to make myself stay to lift...I'll want to leave since my box will be here before 10:30, lol!  I should have asked for a sub!  LOL!

Happy stamping!

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