Monday, April 1, 2013

Mailable Monday - Colored eggs and clear stamps

Hi stampers!  Another weekend has come and gone!  Hope everyone had a good Easter!  We did!  I ate way too much food of course but at least I went for a run before church...and I got lots of puppy cuddles from my new puppy-in-law...although I did have to share her with my hubby :-)

And we need to talk about something....Pinterest.  Ok, so you all know I love it BUT there are some serious downsides (besides the time sucking and the money it costs me when I find things I HAVE to have, lol)!  For one, I wanted to make lemon cookies that I had seen for Easter....and so did everyone else on the site because Wal Mart was OUT of lemon cake mixes, lol!  And what's even worse the "colored deviled eggs" kept showing up on FB pictures (just looking at them freaks me out) and worse yet my in-laws are on Pinterest (and so is hubby now....eek) and THEY made the cursed colored deviled eggs!!!!  Why you ask is this a problem as I LOVE my FIL's eggs?  Well because I have a phobia about eating things that are abnormal colors!!!!  Remember when they had that green and purple ketchup?  I never even got near it but just seeing the commercials was enough to make me need therapy!!!!!  At least I found this out at church and had some time to come to grips with my fears....and I DID eat the colored eggs because they are so good but I totally closed my eyes!!!  :-)  Anyone else with me in my phobia of not-normal-colored-foods?????

Ok speaking of colors I do love the colors in the sent with love DSP AND I love the new clear or photopolymer stamp set!  I was totally skeptical about these but I love them!  They are super high quality.  I thought they'd be all squishy but they are very firm and stamp really well with our firm foam ink pads.  They are super sticky to the blocks too!

So, here is one of my first attempts with the new set!  Why did I wait so long to get it???

Stampin' Supplies:
Stamps:  Designer typeset
Paper:  Whisper white, island indigo, sent with love DSP
Ink:  Calypso coral, pool party, island indigo
Accessories:  None...other than a colored staple I happened to have

Isn't it cute?  I love that little speech bubble and it's super easy to stamp words since you can see the letters through the stamps!

Happy stamping!


  1. I think I'm the only person who thought the funky-colored ketchup was funny. My husband gave me lots of eye rolls and long suffering sighs last week when we had scrambled eggs and ham for dinner...I dyed the eggs green when he wasn't looking :D

  2. Those eggs freaked me out too. Unnatural!

    Cute card!

  3. Just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new photopolymer stamps too. Aren't they wonderful! I so hope SU brings us more and more of them. I'm a "woodie" when it comes to stamps, but I would (or "wood" - lol) change if we went to more of the truly clear stamps!

    I saw those eggs too and thought they were beautiful, but I don't have an issue with oddly colored food. LOL I didn't see them until today though, so probably won't remember them for next Easter!

    Thank you for your blog, it really is an inspiration.


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