Monday, August 14, 2017

Text Ya Later

Hi stampers!  So, I've failed at stamping and blogging the past two weeks!  What can I say, life has been busy! My mom and step dad came out for a week over Ian's birthday and then my momma rode back with us to her house where we've been even busier!  He got sick for a few hours the day before we were to come back so I'm so glad it passed quickly!  We went to the Illinois State Fair Friday as is our tradition and had SO much fun!  If you're here for the card only, you can just scroll to the bottom but I enjoy sharing our life now and then.

Ian is 3 now and almost 40 inches!  That's taller than 93% of kids his age, lol!  He's super funny and super smart and excited to start pre-school a couple of days a week at the end of the month.  He is still really picky about eating so we are going to try some therapy.  I have no idea if it will help bit at least we will have tried.

Here's some pictures of Ian's little party (it was just the 5 of us but I wanted to decorate and make it fun) and our trip to the fair.

He loves Moana so we went with a little Moana theme.

He loves the farm cat!  I'm super sad I'm very allergic or we'd have one.

 He was dying to ride the skyway at the fair, he's a brave boy!  G&G are in the background there :-)

 In a fun coincidence, Grandpa Bingamon was working the at the fair with a fire truck!

And then, I took Ian to Decatur to see his other two sets of grandparents and stay the night with my dad and step mom.  We don't stay there often as they have a lot of stuff...ahem...I come by it honestly ;-)  But they are building a new house and cleaning out so it's easier to stay now, yay!  And I may be going home with more stuff than I came with...cough cough :-)

 If you're ever in Central Illinois, Decatur has a great little zoo, Scovill Zoo!

And then we drove back to the farm.  It's usually pretty relaxing here so I'm hoping I can finally put my feet up for a few days before we head back to Oklahoma :-)

 Picking tomatoes and eating them even though he hates them lol!

And now for the card, it's pretty simple and I cased it from the catalog.  I love the text ya later set and I haven't given it much love, oops!

Happy stamping!

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  1. What a cute little sweetie. Thanks for sharing his birthday with us.


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