Monday, January 8, 2018

Poor Annual Catalog

Hi stampers!  Is anyone else bad about neglecting the annual catalog most of the time?  I mean, it's hard not to with all the fun seasonal catalog stuff but there's so much good stuff in the annual catalog and just never enough time!  I'm making a concerted effort this year to TRY to spread the love around for my annual catalog stamps!  

I've had this background sitting on my desk for MONTHS so I decided to pull out Lift Me Up set and whip something up and get that dang scrap off my desk (that needs to be another concerted effort lol).    My balloon didn't stamp very well but I kind of like it, I think it looks a little vintage all smeared up like that so I went with it...also note: I was too lazy to stamp it again ;-)

The background is something you've seen before.  This was one of my attempts for my corporate Artisan post with the unicorn.  It's just markers splattered on water color paper and then spritzed.  For a finishing touch, I threw on some of our Glitter Enamel Dots.  I need to use them more.  They come in four colors BUT they have a bunch of different gradients in each color so you can pair them with almost any other color!  While I did use them with Berry Burst here, a lot of them look really good with other colors.  

I'll come back and add supplies later today. 

Happy stamping!

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